The 4th of July is a day for Americans to celebrate and honor the day our nation gained it’s independence, not a excuse for Americans to drink too much and play with explosives. It is incredibly frustrating, the 4th of July is one the least safe nights to be driving a car, it’s impossible to get any sleep until around 1am because of the firecrackers and fire engines sirens, it seems there must be a better way to celebrate our nations independence.


Response time

Posted: Wednesday, 29June2011 in Uncategorized

The other day, i woke up convinced that there was someone in my apartment, instead of lying in bed worrying about what to do, I immediately grabbed my pistol, ensured it was condition 1 with the safety off and proceeded to clear my apartment.

Was that response a result of military training that i slept through and tried my hardest to avoid participating in exercise drills?  Or is it a result of me now implementing training received while in the military since my apparent paranoia and social distrust has significantly heightened?

What would have been my response if there had been someone in my apartment?  How would I have dealt with my response?  Fun thoughts….

@ the gym

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Today i was at the gym working out (like everyday) and a pretty girl got on the treadmill in front of the elliptical i was using.  She was sporting some pretty gnarly ink and was in good shape and as i said pretty.  So i am pluggin away at my work out and she is directly in front of my joggin away (she’s perfectly aware that i am behind her), and i am admiring the view.  Which brings to mind a question of whether women think of shit like that at the gym?

Of all the machines open and available a young pretty girl, equivalent age to myself hops on the machine directly infront of me in a gym mostly full of old geezers and biddies, then proceeds to exercise…  dunno, this is shit that constantly runs through my mind, I’ve always wondered if it runs through others.

Either way, so she is exercising away and then does the turn around and run backwards bit on the treadmill, so while i am “staring off into na-na land” while finishing up my cycle of cardio we are face to face, when i notice, i smirk and wink at her at which point i continue to bust out the work out and finish up.  She was pretty, and enjoyed exercise, but is the gym really a appropriate place to walk up to a chick and say, “hey i like your ink, want to grab a cup of joe and swap tattoo stories?”

I personally hate having my space (by that i mean, having anyone even try and communicate to me, or to someone else within earshot of me) violated, so i could only imagine how tremendously annoyed and pissed a woman would be if some schmuck at the gym were to hit on her while working out.  Kind of a bitch since most female social interaction i have these days is at the gym, the girls in class don’t count, they aren’t old enough to buy a beer.


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So it seems that i am only spurred on to write on the interwebs when i am pissed off about something or another.  So lets try and change that.

Unfortunately my life just isn’t that interesting, I wake up, roll around wishing i could stay asleep, get out of bed, and go about my morning routine then i sit on my couch and read the news and maybe a little classwork, then i go to the gym, where i exercise for a hour or so.  Then its home, to shower and continue with the classwork, or if thats done, read a book, newspaper, watch a movie or tv, play xbox, really vivid and exciting activities.

I suppose i could read more intellectual material and talk about that, but i’m lazy, and enjoy the garbage reading likewise for video games which are pretty much all intellectually worthless.

I am trying to be a less cranky individual, and for the most part succeeding, but i will try and change my tactics to get something up on this site a couple times a week.

WTF is up with people in Parking lots

Posted: Wednesday, 22June2011 in Uncategorized

you pull into a parking lot…  its one of those herringbone type lots, with single lanes going through the spots each lane has a specific way to go in accordance with the parking spots…  HOW THE FUCK HARD IS THAT TO FIGURE OUT!?!  Today in ONE parking lot, I near hit 4 dusty old broads who could not figure this out!

We need to increase the punishment for “stupid” citations – “Why did you do this?” the judge will ask…  “Oh I wasn’t thinking” or “oh I didn’t see the sign” or “oh I was yapping away on my goddamned mobile phone” the MORON would answer.  So we boost the punishments so people are so terrified of getting hammered for an IDIOT citation that they pay more fucking attention.

I own two pistols a motorcycle and a truck, and the only item that i am likely to kill someone with is my fucking truck.  yet everyone is up in arms over the pistols.  People are stupid and should be treated accordingly.

While on the topic of of punishment… I believe the Constitution of the United States got it wrong in the 8th Amendment.  How can you ban cruel and unusual punishment?  Punishment by definition should be cruel and unusual so that it makes a lasting impression.  How many fuck ups did they have on a ship at sea back in the day after the crew keelhauled a the last fuck up?  Very few, it was a sufficiently rare and cruel punishment to deter transgressions.

We are too soft on criminals, criminals are separate from society, dissidents from the established norm and should be treated thusly.  You want to divorce yourself from society and “civilization” then you will be treated in a matter outside of society and uncivilized.  And I know what all the little liberals out there are thinking, “well, how can we as a society preach our social code yet depart from it so drastically in the way we treat our criminals”.  Like I said, criminals are not part of our social code, they do not want to be part of our society, so fuck em.

Let’s try this again…

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So i have reorganized my life sort of, did my trip, finally got all the stupid out of my system.  So in a effort to encourage the right brain out of hiding and possibly develop a little creativity i am assigning myself semi weekly writing assignments…

I am pretty sure that not a soul reads this, so its solely for me.  Lets get things started off ….

Today while at the gym, i was pondering something my old man said to me a few days ago, and has been said to me many other times.  What sparked it was while watching something on the tube i made some typically snarky remark, that set everyone laughing.  I know that everyone has their moments for awesome comments or jokes, and usually the deliverer won’t even realize what a gem it is until everyone is cracking up.  Thats how it is for me, I will be watching something and depending on the environment will just start externalizing my internal monologue, and presto, i’ll say something that sets everyone off.  Its a great feeling, and i said one of these gems, which prompted my old man and mother to say “you should be a writer”.

I’ve never considered the artsy fartsy stuff, i am not a great painter or sketcher, i’ve never really “got” poetry, about the only “art” that i really “get” is music.  I’ve endeavored to play music but discovered a complete lack of innate talent or skill or rhythm.

So here i am, writing…  a couple times a week hopefully.  I have a feeling that this will turn out to be just a externalization of my inner monologue, which is fine by me.  Everyone seems to love taking pictures, and hoarding pictures, I am not a picture guy, i look at a picture and just remember where the picture was taken and am happier with the memory.  But if i read about a time or place it seems to set off more and bring the memory even more vividly back.  So this will likely be my version of a photo album.  Although i’ll put up a occasional picture along with a few words.